About Us

As a TPA, Almadallah is neither an insurance company nor a healthcare provider. Almadallah is a key intermediary company that brings the three stakeholders of the healthcare insurance industry together, namely, healthcare providers, policy holders, and insurance companies/self funding organizations. Almadallah provides administrative support to these organizations by managing, servicing and processing their health insurance policies and claims.

Our Mission

To be the leading Third Party Administrator in the United Arab Emirates health insurance sector offering superior and innovative services leveraging state-of-the-art information technology.

Our Vision

To achieve informed treatment decisions by partnering with self-funding organizations, insurers, members and healthcare providers to deliver cost-effective quality care realizing higher favorable outcome.

Our Objectives

  •  Taking away the complete administrative burden of health insurance companies and self-funding
  •  Maintaining extraordinary quality in process administration
  •  Providing unsurpassed customer service and seamless benefit administration
  •  Maintaining focus on reducing healthcare cost while still providing effective care

Our Competence

  •  A well trained, professional, and experienced team tied-up with a vast network of hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, laboratories, and other healthcare providers to provide our clients the quality of service they deserve
  •  A strong, transparent and humane approach to healthcare is our fundamental approach to success
  •  Our dedication to nurture and support a harmonious relationship between all stakeholders of the healthcare industry
  •  Superior customer service